Product Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Yarn

Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Yarn

TELEPHONE ® Polyester yarn is a 100 % Continuous Filament Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Thread. Telephone TP Thread is a durable polyester machine embroidery thread and the top thread choice for embroidering blanks and garments subject to routine heavy usage. Our polyester thread is designed for high-speed, commercial embroidery and monogramming machines. Telephone TP Thread has a beautiful, silky sheen but is incredibly durable.

Telephone Trilobal Polyester Thread offers the same excellent versatility as rayon at a more reasonable cost. It is lubricated to run very smoothly on any kind of machine and is suitable for embroidery on high speed multihead compuerised machines resulting continuous production due to its knot less and its strength.

Polyester embroidery thread is more popular and economical for embroidery and comes in various colors including few fluorescent colours. Available in 400 super bright colours, Telephone TP thread is the ideal option if you wish to create beautiful, attractive logos and decorative seams on clothing and accessories that are subject to wear and tear or frequent washing.

In addition to this, we also provide 450/1 & 600/1 viscose rayon filament yarn also known as flat viscose yarn. Its appearance is very soft and lustrous and highly used in fashion and home furnishing industry.

Usage & Application :

  • All embroidery on caps, bags & accessories.
  • Logos on kids / children wear & sportswear
  • Embroidery on Kids soft toys
  • Home furnishings
  • Raw Material : Super Bright 100% Polyester Filament Yarn.
  • Appearance : Brilliant; More artificial sheen.
  • Application : Embroidery on kidswear, Home Furnishing, Logos & Badge orientated.
  • Strength : High strength, too strong for some applications.
  • Background Fabrics : Not for very fine fabrics.
  • Range : 400 Colours including 17 fluorescent colours.
  • Price : Slightly lower priced.
  • Ideal Choice : Poly thread is perfect for company uniforms, work clothes, jeans, caps, linens and more.
  • Super Bright Colors : We offer a wide variety of bright and vivid colors that last through a large number of wash cycles.
  • Long Lasting Durability : Retains its vibrancy even when subjected to tough industrial conditions. Polyester thread is used by many commercial embroiderers of industrial garments.
  • Fewer Thread Breaks : With our poly embroidery thread you will experience far fewer thread breaks. Ideal for a multi-head environment where thread breaks can be costly.
  • Easy to Run : Many customers use our polyester thread almost exclusively because of how easy it is to run on commercial embroidery machines. Whether you're running the largest 100+ head commercial embroidery machine operations or a smaller thread boutique, we can save you time and money with ease.

TELEPHONE® Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Yarn

Article No. Denier / Count Dtex Length (meters) GROSS WEIGHT (grams) PACKING (Box)
120/2T 120/2 133 670 23
120/2T 120/2 133 1700 54 10 Y-Cones
225/1, 300/1, 450/1
150/2, 225/2, 300/2, 450/2, 600/2
150/3, 225/3, 300/3, 450/3, 600/3
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Technical Specification

Type Description
Strength in grams 3.7 – 3.8 grams per denier
Elongation in % Minimum 22%
Maximum 24%
Thermal Properties Melting Point-240°c
Softening Point -170°c -180°c
Shrinkage at 150°c -< 1%
Chemical Properties Resistance to- Acid, Alkaline, Organic Solvent, Bleaching, Laundry, Dry-Cleaning.
Moisture Regain 0.4%
Fastness Properties Washing Fastness
Water Fastness
Rubbing Fastness
Dry Cleaning

Washing Instructions

  • Embroidered articles are best washed with mild detergent between 50° – 60°C
  • Rinse thoroughly after washing. Never leave wet embroidered garments pressed together.
  • Bleaching agent or optical Whitener or de-colorant should not be used to remove stains.

Special Note

We recommend that before using products in full scale production, the customer should make his own tests to determine the suitability of our products for his own purpose under his operating conditions. As the circumstances under which our products are store, handled and used are beyond our control, we can not assume any responsibility for their use by the customer.

In spite of the aforementioned specific instruction, if the customer uses our products in full scale production without prior tests, sustains and proves to us that he has sustained loss due to deficiency in quality of the goods supplied, our liability is limited to the value based on purchase price of the quantity of our goods actually used. Submission of claim does not absolve the customer of the obligation to pay the amount due.

*Sometimes it may be semi fast colors due to original nature of the dyes.

On environmental protection grounds, we are sometimes forced to change dyes and dyeing process. For these reasons and in spite of maximum effort on our part there is a slight possibility of minimal color differences.